Mar 30 2019

Turkish village facing cliffhanger at polls with one candidate per eight voters

A small Turkish village in western Aydın province has brought the competition for local polls on Sunday to a whole new level as with one candidate per every eight voters racing to become the new neighbourhood head, pro-government Daily Sabah reported on Saturday.

Turks will head to the polls on March 31 to elect their new mayors, local councils, and neighbourhood heads, known as muhtars.

Though many overlook the race among mukhtar candidates, in fact, in small localities the local competition may be fierce, sometimes even leading to violent incidents

Seven candidates are competing in Karabağlar, a small village of 80 people and 54 voters. Nearly one-third of all 23 homes in the village have a candidate, including the incumbent mukhtar Tarkan Kemçin.

There are two other candidates from the Kemçin family, while Denek family also has two candidates

According to 50-year-old Sabahattin Uluman, the village will witness the most exciting race, as nearly all relatively young men of decided to run in the elections.