Kavala’s third year in prison: a warning about darkness

This much is completely clear: Osman Kavala has not just been turned into a scapegoat; in the miserable times that we live in, it is an illustrative, pertinent truth that what is being done to Osman has become a spectacle of the government demonstrating to its people and to the world that it is in power and that it is all powerful.

Osman is a symbol.

A warning.

We are in a darkness where it is now impossible to speak of legal order, law, conscience, morality.

Today is Osman’s third year in prison.

There is no two ways about it, Osman is in a dungeon for three years. There is no point even mentioning the indictments left in shreds.

To explain, to fully understand the situation, I want to repeat the social ‘equation’ I referred to before:

Half of the people in Turkey is are imprisoned by their own beliefs, the other half are in prison because of their beliefs.

I present a poem by A. E. Ballakisten written during the apartheid years, with the wish that the definition of ‘apartheid’ is read as the ‘order’, or in fact as the ‘new order’.

Still Standing

Still standing still breathing still angry

Still growing still strifing but still angry

Though they shattered his innocence

Though they shook his him fold

Though they put apartheid’s guns to his head

Though they punched their fists in his back

He is still standing.

They’ve won, because he is still angry.

He’s won, because he is still standing.

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