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Jan 24 2019

Erdoğan needs Putin more, even if Putin needs Erdoğan too

Dimitar Bechev, Research Fellow at the University of N.Carolina evaluates Putin & Erdogan meeting.

In 1998, when PKK leader Ocalan was expelled from Damascus, he landed in Moscow when Putin was the head of the security services. He was in charge of the deal of letting Ocalan leave Russia.

Putin brought up the 1998 Adana Agreement to tell Erdoğan to let Syrian regime deal with security issues on the border

Turkey has been bachkchanneling to Damascus for a long time. If Damascus or Moscow is willing to give the green light for a buffer zone, the price will be high and contain a long list of demands.

Russians are growing out of patience when it comes to Idlib, and we will soon see if the Russian-Turkish September deal can remain viable

Both leaders' boasting of economic relations during the press conference was certainly aimed to deflect from the discussion of Syria, which is still a big sticking point.

Russia certainly gains the most from relations between Putin and Erdoğan, whereas Turkey needs Russia more even if Russia needs Turkey as well.