S-400 deal is done, just as Erdoğan says - Russian Ambassador to Turkey

The Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Aleksey Yerhov, on Tuesday said the S-400 deal with Ankara was done and "being implemented," pointing to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the final word on the issue, opposition newspaper Sözcü reported.

"I think the Turkish press and public should trust Turkey's president when he makes such clear and explicit statements", Yerhov said after a meeting with the head of Turkey's Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee Volkan Bozkır in the capital of Ankara.

The Turkish president has said Turkey is set to take delivery of the S-400 systems in July, however, several sources on Monday reported that Turkey is considering a request from the United States to delay the purchase indefinitely.

The S-400 has been a critical source of tension between Ankara and Washington, which is moving to block transfer to Turkey of the new-generation F-35 fighter jets.

Officials from the United States and NATO say the presence of the Russian systems in a NATO-allied country could allow Moscow to access sensitive data on NATO hardware, including the latest generation F-35s.