Turkey deploying Russian S-400 systems to northern city of Sinop

(Updated with NOTAM notice)

Turkey has begun the transportation of its Russian S-400 missile defence systems to a training ground near Sinop, a city located in the country’s most northern edge, Turkish İhlas news agency reported on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses have shared video footage of the systems being transported through the city located in the country’s Black Sea region on Twitter.

No official statement has been released regarding the deployment of the systems.

Turkey has issued an advisory known as “NOTAM”, which includes airspace restrictions issued by authorities responsible for the airspace, on testing that will be done in Sinop on the Black Sea coast, Turkish journalist Levent Kemal reported on Tuesday.

Turkey acquired the S-400 systems from Russia last year following a $2.5 billion contract signed with Moscow in 2017, but has yet to activate the system.

The system, which was originally due to be activated in April, has caused a rift between Turkey and its Western allies, who say the Russian-built hardware could lead to subterfuge against advanced NATO weaponry. 

Citing official government documents, Turkish Minute news site reported on Oct. 2 that testing for the systems was slated for Oct. 5 -16, including “checking the system’s ability to detect and track the targets, radars functionality, the capabilities of the communication system, as well as to test-fire control and command control.”