Turkey captures ISIS commander in Bursa

Turkish authorities captured a suspected Islamic State (ISIS) leader in Bursa on Wednesday, the latest in a series of arrests of ISIS suspects in the northwestern province, pro-government newspaper Daily Sabah reported.

The Syrian man, identified only by his initials, I.T., was an "emir”, or high-ranking member of ISIS, commanding a large number of militants in Syria's Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor districts, security sources told Daily Sabah.

They said he was taken into custody after a raid in Bursa's Yıldırım district, following an investigation by police who discovered I.T. had left Syria and was hiding out in the province.

Security forces in Bursa have captured more than 50 ISIS suspects in the past 15 days. Earlier this month, two ISIS figures on Interpol's most wanted list were captured in Bursa's Mudanya district. They were identified as a Dutch woman of Moroccan descent and another Dutch citizen.

The province south of Istanbul is far from border cities where suspects from Syria try to sneak into Turkey, but like other big cities in the west, it attracts refugees and migrants. Authorities expressed concern that ISIS members there can mingle with other migrants to avoid detection.