Mar 27 2019

Turkey loses 375 million euro case against businessman Cem Uzan

A court in France on Wednesday ruled in favour of Turkish businessman and former politician Cem Uzan, in a lawsuit filed by the country’s Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF), Euronews website reported.

The court ruled that 2013 decision by a Turkish court imposing 375 million euros in fines on Uzan violated the international legal norms of impartiality on grounds that the prosecutor and the judge overseeing Uzan’s case were married, it said.

The French court rejected the lawsuit filed TMSF against Uzan collect and ruled that the TMSF should cover legal expenses in the case totalling 6,000 euros.

In Dec. 2012, Turkish courts dismissed objections by Uzan’s lawyer that impartiality was violated in the case.

"This is Uzan’s third clear victory against the TMSF between September 2018 and March 2019," Uzan’s lawyer Matthias Pujos lawyer told Euronews, highlighting Uzan’s multiple defeats of Turkey in European courts in recent months.

The Turkish businessman is known for launching the country's first private television channel , Star TV, in 1989 in addition to founding Young (Genç) Party in 2002. The party failed to win enough votes to gain representation in the country’s legislative body.