Jun 13 2019

Turks have two days to benefit from illegal construction amnesty

Turks have two days left to benefit from an amnesty on illegally constructed buildings, Dünya newspaper reported citing Environment and Urbanisation Minister Murat Kurum.

The government will not be extending the measure, which was introduced at the end of 2017, Kurum said.

Turkey has raised 19.3 billion liras in revenue from citizens who have paid a charge to register the dwellings as legal. More than 10 million people have benefited, Kurum said.

The amnesty has helped the government raise much-needed revenue for the budget as a currency crisis last year turned economic growth negative. The government responded by slashing taxes and providing cheap lending to consumers and businesses.

Kurum didn't say how much more cash the government expected to raise from the measure before the deadline expired.

The cash windfall from the amnesty and other one-off measures have been criticised by economists as patchwork steps that fail to deal with core weaknesses in the economy.