Mar 29 2019

Turkey’s Erdoğan might revise his cabinet after March 31 polls - Cumhuriyet

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may revise his cabinet following local polls on Sunday and add more members of parliament as ministers, Cumhuriyet newspaper reported on Friday.

The executive presidential system gave Erdoğan powers to select his ministers from outside parliament, which he had said would speed up cabinet decision-making.

Cumhuriyet said the new system had not lived up to expectations and a possible revision had been discussed within the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) for some time. 

Under the new system, members of parliament cannot easily pass their requests to appointed ministers, sources told Cumhuriyet. To avoid such bottlenecks, the government gave some deputy ministers the responsibility to oversee communications with the AKP’s parliamentary party, but that failed to solve the problem.  

Some members of parliament are also running as mayoral candidates on Sunday. Cumhuriyet said Erdoğan would take into account possible changes in the distribution of seats in the parliament and would decide on the cabinet revision after the local elections.

Erdoğan could also increase the number of vice presidents for more effective coordination among ministries, Cumhuriyet said.